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September 2023
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Friday September 1
Queengf Gets Her Sweaty Soles Fucked

How badly have you desired to pull Queengf shoes off and stick your nose into her warm moist socks? Now is your chance! She calls herself the queen of smelly feet and you get to put that to the test. Now you can pull her socks of and feel her soft sweaty flesh against your face. Is your dick hard yet? Suck all the salty sweat off her soles and then slide your dick between her feet until you burst all over them. Hurry up, she's waiting!
Queengf Gets Her Sweaty Soles Fucked

Saturday September 2
Sunday September 3
Queengf Drains You With Her Feet

Lay back and let the Queen of sweaty gym feet handle your hard-on. She props her feet up in your lap to give you an up close view of her soft soles and then wraps her feet around your dick and jerks you til you cum... but not without edging you first!
Queengf Drains You With Her Feet

Monday September 4
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Vacationing With Aderes

Imagine being on vacation with the ever popular Aderes Quin. You might not know this about her but the truth is she needs dick REGULARLY. Even if you cum early, you'll need to get back hard again cuz she's gonna want it inside her longer. Would you keep her happy?
Vacationing With Aderes

Saturday September 9
Sunday September 10
Monday September 11
Tuesday September 12
Kelly Quell Gets Fucked

Kelly is a thick trans girl that loves taking dick. She is thick all over from her meaty soles, her fat ass, and her jiggly titties. The idea of people getting off to her feet is kinda foreign to her but her soles look amazing while she sucks and rides on dick. Watch as she effortlessly slobs all on my knob and then presents her fat ass for me to treat like a fuck toy. Her soles are in view as I penetrate her from behind and I blow my load all over them.
Kelly Quell Gets Fucked

Wednesday September 13
Thursday September 14
Kelly Quells Wide Soles Get Fucked

Kelly props her wide meaty soles up so you can view them while she gives head. She loves sucking dick and it turns her on, but what you really want is to slide your dick between her feet. She has you ready to cum so there's no way you'll last once she gets her soles wrapped around your shaft.
Kelly Quells Wide Soles Get Fucked

Friday September 15
Saturday September 16
Joeys Gang Bang Foot Thang 20 Vs 1

20 girls. 40 feet. 200 toes. A whole mob of women surrounding you ready to make you cum with their feet. 14 of them take turns wrapping their feet around your dick while the rest of the onlookers watch, tease, and toy with each other's feet. This is the most epic scene I've shot to date!
Joeys Gang Bang Foot Thang 20 Vs 1

Sunday September 17
Monday September 18
Dr Milkie Makes You Cum Quick TWICE

Dr. Milkie wants to help you with your troubles. You are SO worked up over feet all the time that she decides the best action is to help you release. You are so horny that she makes you cum within the first two minutes of even pulling your dick out. That explains why you're having so much trouble focusing! So you continue your session now that your brain is cleared up a bit. A half hour or so later, the scene picks back up where she is happy with the progress you've made during this session. But, she notices that your dick is getting hard AGAIN! So before you leave, she decides to relieve you once again. This time, you cum EVEN FASTER! She is working on your dick for only a minute this time and the SECOND cumshot is EVEN BIGGER! After staring at her arches the entire time, and having a premature ejaculation spring from out of your dick, her feet clamped around your shaft make you shoot multiple heavy ropes of cum onto yourself.
Dr Milkie Makes You Cum Quick TWICE

Tuesday September 19
Wednesday September 20
Fuck Milkie's Soles and Cum on Her Arch

Something about Milkie's wrinkly mature soles are just so perfect for sole fucking. Her soft pillowy skin, her high arches. They make the dick so stiff. Well now its round 2 with fucking her soles. This time, she presents you her arch so she can jerk you off directly onto them.
Fuck Milkie's Soles and Cum on Her Arch

Thursday September 21
Friday September 22
Tylee Texas The Kitchen Help

Tylee stops by because she knows you need some help! She lays you out and serves you up in the kitchen. First she strokes you off and gets your dick nice and solid, then she wraps her little feet around your dick and jerks you off. She bends over and shows off her ass while giving you a reverse footjob, and then she stares longingly at your thick dick. There's no doubt she wants to suck it... but instead she clamps her soles around your shaft and makes you cum all over them.
Tylee Texas The Kitchen Help

Saturday September 23
Sunday September 24
Monday September 25
Autumn Heavenly Mimi Triple Quickie

A candid moment where you're sitting outside at the pool and 3 girls decide they want your nut. What are you gonna do? Surrender your load... with haste!
Autumn Heavenly Mimi Triple Quickie

Tuesday September 26
Wednesday September 27
Blaize To The Edge And Back Handjob

Blaize shows off her soles for some photos, but what she really wants to do is slowly stroke and tease your cock. She sits before you between your legs and gives you a great view of her huge titties while she strokes you off. She brings you to the edge over and over and ruins you before actually letting you release.
Blaize To The Edge And Back Handjob

Thursday September 28
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