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Sunday April 31
Monday April 1
Stacys Delightful Soles Get Fucked

Stacy is so thicc in all the right places and I was absolutely delighted to discover how soft her soles were in person. She is a foot virgin and has never even met any other foot guys before. I'm excited to show her just how much attention her feet deserve. Even though she is new to the foot thing, she's so turned on by it and you can tell by how hard her girl cock gets. She strokes her cock while her feet get worshiped and it stays hard the entire time her feet are getting fucked. You're gonna love jizzing all over her soles for sure.
Stacys Delightful Soles Get Fucked

Tuesday April 2
Wednesday April 3
Thursday April 4
Stacy Delight Foot Frot And Fat Fanny

This video takes some of the focus away from Stacy's soles so that you can indulge in her hard dick and fat ass. She lounges on the couch stroking her dick and when you approach she wraps her feet around your shaft while she continues to tug at her girly dick. She's actually a footjob natural; the way she holds onto your shaft with her toes will have your dick bulging and ready to explode... but you can't cum yet. Not before she gets a chance to rub her hard dick against yours. She teases your cock with her own for a few minutes and then turns around to show you her ass. Once you see her ass and soles while she bounces on your dick, and feel her balls and hard dick against your own, you're not gonna be able to hold back!
Stacy Delight Foot Frot And Fat Fanny

Friday April 5
Saturday April 6
Sunday April 7
Hailey Elskov Gets Her Soles Fucked

If you love soles, you'll love the shape and texture of Hailey's. From the moment she propped her feet up, I was struggling to keep my dick calm in my pants. The view of her feet up close to my lens had my dick pulsing in my jeans long before I set up the tripod to record them. She was eager to let me fuck them too but I couldn't hurry my way through a photo set because I needed to capture some large stills to show off her feet for everyone.

This video captures the perfect angle for her feet too. She teases you with her soles before I worship them, my dick is rock hard the entire time. I stand up and let my dick out and it rests between her soles perfectly. I can't get enough of how well her soles clamp around my shaft and it makes me drip thick wads of precum over and over as I drive myself to the edge with her feet over and over. I'm enthralled by her soles; her side arch and heel are patterned with wavy wrinkles. She stares at me, amazed at how much of my cum escapes before I actually ejaculate. I let go and my thick gooey cum runs down the side of her feet and all I can think about is how I can't wait to fuck her feet again, even though I just blew my load.

Hailey Elskov Gets Her Soles Fucked

Monday April 8
Tuesday April 9
Wednesday April 10
Hailey Figures Out Your Obsession With Feet

Dr. Elsov opens her doors for you and you lay down on her couch to discuss your problems. It doesn't take her long to realize you can't keep feet off your mind. She knows that you've been to the doctor multiple times for this but her notes don't show what the others have done to help your issue. She offers the same temporary solution that all the other doctors have given: she lets you indulge in her soles. Little does she know, you were expecting this outcome and you searched for her by name because of her gorgeous feet. She unwittingly plays right into your ploy giving you exactly what you want.
Hailey Figures Out Your Obsession With Feet

Thursday April 11
Friday April 12
Saturday April 13
Linzy Causes Huge Cumshot With Her Soles

Linzy's small and wide soles have not been fucked yet and she's about to get broken in. She's been teasing with her feet online and I've been dying to see her and shoot some content focused on her soles through the eyes of Joey's Feetgirls. She props her feet up and does not disappoint. There's something about her crinkly soles that really drive me wild and this is absolutely the best way for me to satiate myself. She loves how turned on I am by her feet and my dick is rock solid and ready to explode. Pumping her feet and edging builds me up so much that when I finally let go, my cum is squirting all over the place.
Linzy Causes Huge Cumshot With Her Soles

Sunday April 14
Monday April 15
Tuesday April 16
Linzy Gives A Footjob And Bounces Her Booty

Its late, and after a shower, Linzy joins you in bed. She teases you with her soles. She holds your dick between them and her wrinkles look amazing while she strokes you. She turns around with her ass up and gives a reverse footjob, then she sits back and bounces her ass against your dick. She has such a big round jiggly ass and a small waist to contrast; the way she bounces will have you squirting your load in no time.
Linzy Gives A Footjob And Bounces Her Booty

Wednesday April 17
Thursday April 18
Friday April 19
Glo Gives A Reverse Footjob

Coming 04/19/2024

Its been a long while since Glo's wide soles have been in front of my camera. She oils up my dick with her hand with her feet wrapped around it and then she lays on her stomach before me and shows off her wide wrinkled soles. She is an expert at this position and has so much control. She scrunches her feet up which shows off her pretty red toes. Then, she wiggles her toes and it looks so good that it makes me cum without her even stroking me!
Glo Gives A Reverse Footjob

Saturday April 20
Sunday April 21
Monday April 22
Mariceli Gives Her First Footjob

Coming 04/22/2024

Mari has been wanting to actually try out a footjob and I become the test subject. Shauna and Aderes join in to encourage her and help out. You get to stare at all the soles while Mari goes to work! Even though she has help, she needs none of it. I think she might have given some footjobs before because she is already a pro. She knows just how to touch, grip, stroke, and caress your dick into a healthy orgasm!
Mariceli Gives Her First Footjob

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