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Hey guys! I just spent the last month or so adding EVERYTHING to the clip store! From here on you will see brand new content posted IMMEDIATELY after its edited and ready to go. Now you can check back after every shoot and to find all my content hot off the press. Videos will be tied to your account and you'll be able to stream or download them anytime you want once you purchase! Some videos did not have a 1080 mp4 setting for download but I'm currently transcoding everything and expect all videos to be 1080 and 730 ready in just a few days. If you got any videos already and it wasn't in 1080 you'll be able to redownload the file so no worries! Thanks again for supporting me. Putting this entire website took a lot more time than I expected but you guys make it worth it. Thanks!

Hey guys! As I mentioned, I have been updating the VOD section with new videos. During the process, the upload to my server stopped multiple times. At first I didn't notice any issue but it turns out a lot of my videos have been corrupted. I'm hoping to notice these mistakes and fix them as I go along BUT if there's any video that I've missed and you see an issue with the video cutting off early or having any playback problems PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Feel free to make a comment on the video, send me a message here on the website, or email me myfetishonly@gmail.com to point out specifically any issues you see with any of my content and I'll make it a priority to fix it! Thanks!

Hey guys! I just doubled my server space so that I'll be able to support all the content that I have currently. Over the next few weeks, you're gonna see the clips section populate more and more as I add all the newest entries. I'll start with old videos and continue to update until its caught up with my most recent content. Once I finish that, I will update all my content in real time! I plan to post ALL of my video and pic sets once they are shot and edited so you'll see EVERYTHING I make for sale here on the clip site! Keep checking back on the clip store for updates but once I'm all the way caught up I'll make a post to twitter about it. Once again, thank you for supporting me!

VOD is now live!
Video on Demand is now live! Now you can buy clips to download individually. And, your account will keep a record of all the content you have bought so you can stream or download it again and again at your leisure! I will keep the prices cheaper than what you see on my clips4sale and also any photo sets associated with the scene will be part of the bundle! So now you will save money on clips AND get photo sets when you buy the clip from my clip section here! So far I only have all my older content on the server but I'm in the process of upgrading the size to fit all my newer stuff on it as well. I plan to have up to date clips available for sale in the very near future. Oh and thank you all for supporting me! I'm doing this all to serve you better, cut out some overhead costs, and bring you content for cheaper.