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Sunday January 1
Monday January 2
Amazon Marcy Gets Her Soles Fucked

The exotic Amazon Marcy sits down and teases you with her strappy heels on. She lets them dangle off her feet before exposing her completely bare feet. She rests them on the ledge of the chair giving you a good look of her soles from underneath. When she props her feet up on the chair, its up to you to take care of them. Kneel before her big feet and kiss them. Sniff them, lick them, suck her toes. She allows you to take your dick out and fuck her feet. After letting you do all the work she blesses you with a different position. She kneels on the the chair giving you a view of her big round ass and soles at the same time. Seeing her wrinkled soles and bouncy ass will have you shooting for her in no time.
Amazon Marcy Gets Her Soles Fucked

Tuesday January 3
Wednesday January 4
Aderes Gets Her Soles Wrecked

After posing her gorgeous feet for you, Aderes lays down on her stomach with her feet hanging off the counter. She's been wearing her socks all day and leaves them on so you can inhale her scent. After sniffing them heavily, would you get a raging hard on? Spoiler alert: I fucking did. Pressing my face into her soft smelly socks made my dick stiff as fuck in my jeans. I didn't want to fuck her bare feet immediately though. The smell of her socks made me want to fuck them while they were still on her feet. I wanted to make a whole video where I fucked her socked soles and came all over them but I also couldn't resist the sensation of her bare flesh. Watch her soles get pounded as I take out all my sexual tension on her pretty lil soles.
Aderes Gets Her Soles Wrecked

Hop In The Car With Quinnys Piggies

Aderes needs a ride! You pick her up and all she has to offer you is a quickie with her feet. She rubs her feet in your lap and teases your boner through your jeans. Then, she takes it out and wastes no time wrapping her feet around your dick. She loves giving car footjobs and she seems at ease in this situation as she handles your dick with ease. Then, she can't resist feeling your thick throbbing dick in her hands so she grabs onto it and jerks you off between her feet.
Hop In The Car With Quinnys Piggies

Thursday January 5
Friday January 6
Vicky Vixx Soles Propped Up And Fucked

It's been awhile since Vicky has had her high arches in front of my camera. She places her feet on the table and teases you because she knows how much you love the deep curves in her feet. They're there for you, there for the taking. Worship them, fuck them, jerk off to them, cum on them. She giggles and eggs you on as she coaches you and encourages you to indulge in her perfect feet.
Vicky Vixx Soles Propped Up And Fucked

Vicky Vixx Lays Down To Get Sole Fucked

Vicky gets placed on a desk with her smelly sock clad feet hanging off the edge; its the perfect height for you to bend over and plant your face in them. The smell is sweet and lovely and makes your dick pulse in your pants. She loves knowing her feet make you so hard and encourages you to have your way with them. You whip your dick out and fuck her feet, socks and all, before sliding her socks off to expose her bare flesh. Having her lay there while you grab her ankles and fuck her feet is the perfect way to indulge in her pretty high arched soles.
Vicky Vixx Lays Down To Get Sole Fucked

Saturday January 7
Sunday January 8
Solesexyj Sole Fuck

Solesexy J props up her thick meaty soft soles to show off her wrinkles. She scrunches and relaxes her feet so you can see the patterns her wrinkles make in her skin. You're free to stare, worship, or fuck them as you please. Then, she flips over onto her stomach so you can have your way.
Solesexyj Sole Fuck

Solesexyj Afternoon Couch Footjob

It's late in the morning and daytime TV is offering nothing worth viewing. Would you rather watch TV or have some soft meaty feet in your lap? Solesexy J sits before you and provides the perfect distraction. She entertains you with her sexy feet, toying with your crotch until your bulge is prominent. She oils up your dick and strokes it seductively with her hand before wrapping her feet around it so you can feel her tender flesh against yours. She bends over and gives you the perfect view of her fat ass before making you bust a nut between her soles.
Solesexyj Afternoon Couch Footjob

Monday January 9
Tuesday January 10
Lana Reign Smelly Socks Smelly Sole Fuck

Lana comes straight to you after work, true story! Just days ago she was on twitter talking about how badly her feet smelled and she wishes she had someone to sniff them:


and I took that personally. She arrives and I slide her shoes off to discover a potent scent that stings the nostril upon inhalation. Of course this makes my dick pulse as it would for you, too. I press my nose against her socked feet and sniff wildly, all the while my dick is growing with excitement. I place my dick between her socked feet, both of which are still warm, soft, and moist from being in her shoes all day. I peel her socks off so I can fuck her bare feet and I cum between her smelly soles.
Lana Reign Smelly Socks Smelly Sole Fuck

Wednesday January 11
Thursday January 12
Perla DeLuna Gives Footjob While Jerking Off

How would you like to meet this thick little beauty? Perla DeLuna (who changes her name regularly on a whim lol) has a lot of ass and soft wide feet with soles made for rubbing dick. The video opens up with her jerking her hard little girl cock and bare soles right in front of the screen. She bend over while you worship her feet showing you just how much ass she has. She wraps her feet around your dick and you focus on watching her jerk off as she holds your dick in place. Her wide soles are the perfect addition to her hard girl cock and the imagery comes to climax when she shoots her fat load onto your dick, causing a hands free cum shot.
Perla DeLuna Gives Footjob While Jerking Off

Perla DeLuna: Use My Cum As Lube

This video focuses on a lot of frotting, jerking, humping, and teasing as Perla shows off her feet, dick, and ass. Her feet get worshiped and she uses them for a footjob in between moments where she's stroking her dick. She bends over and mashes her girl cock against yours, rubbing her dick along your balls while shaking her ass with her soles on your waist. Then, she shoots hella cum all over your dick. She lays on your side and uses her cum to make you squirt a huge load between her soles.
Perla DeLuna: Use My Cum As Lube

Friday January 13
Saturday January 14
Ziva Fey Soles Fucked While Laying

After a long day at work, all Ziva wants to do is lay down and relax to watch reels and tiktoks on her phone. Does this mean you can't get some foot action tonight? Absolutely not; her feet are still there for the taking. With her soles propped up on the arm of the day bed, you have perfect access to her soles and you should definitely take advantage of it.
Ziva Fey Soles Fucked While Laying

Sunday January 15
Monday January 16
Servin Lala Soles Propped Up And Fucked

Lala's tiny feet are propped up and ready to fuck. Stare at her soles and indulge in every wrinkle. Her soft feet will feel great against your hard dick and they're yours for the taking. Grab her by the ankles and fuck her feet until you jizz all over them.
Servin Lala Soles Propped Up And Fucked

Servin Lala Late Night Handjob Footjob

It's bedtime and Lala serves you up a footjob with a side of handjob. Feet and fingers make the perfect pair and she alternates between each as she strokes your dick. She bends over and presses your dick against her ass cheek. Then, flips back over to finish you with her toes.
Servin Lala Late Night Handjob Footjob

Tuesday January 17
Wednesday January 18
Avery Cums On Your Dick

An extended cut of Avery jerking off her gorgeous girl cock! She rubs your dick with her feet, and with her dick, before climbing on top of you and cumming directly on your dick and finishing you using her cum as lube.
Avery Cums On Your Dick

Avery Angel Gets Cock Sucked And Soles Fucked

Watch the sparks fly between Avery and me! She sits above me on the kitchen counter which is the perfect height for her to show off her feet, put her feet in my lap, and her dick is right at eye level. If you've dreamed of sucking on Avery's pretty girl cock, this film is for you! She gets her toes sucked and her dick sucked. We kiss, we rub dicks together, and then I hang her feet off the end of the counter so I can fuck her soles and shoot my load between her feet.
Avery Angel Gets Cock Sucked And Soles Fucked

Thursday January 19
Friday January 20
Mary Jane Mature First Timer

Sometimes shoots really do just fall in my lap!

I have a friend who has made some films with me before tell me about a girlfriend of hers that was interested in making some foot content with me. We were supposed to meet earlier in the year but plans fell through. Then, I was at home due to come cancelled flights and hit her up just to check up on her. Long story short, she's available and comes over literally the next day!

In the very beginning, she had sent me some pics of her feet and I was intrigued because they looked kinda soft. Now she arrives to my house and when she peels off her socks I discover that they ARE very soft. Apparently she was nervous about meeting and soaked her feet in lotion over night. It definitely paid off!

I prop her feet up and fuck her soles good and keep things simple for her since she's a first timer. Her soft soles have me heavily leaking precum and I shoot a huge rope of cum at the end. When we finish, she tells me that her friend never told her that I was gonna be fucking her feet lmao!

Mary Jane Mature First Timer

Saturday January 21
Sunday January 22
Dr Murdah Handjob Footjob Therapy

Off to therapy yet again, as you are STILL constantly distracted by feet! Dr. Murdah wants to try a new approach. Is it just feet that distract you? Are there other ways to clear your mind? She pulls out your dick and starts stroking it and doesn't get much response. But, the moment she starts talking about wrinkly soles, she sees your dick begin to harden. WOW, you really ARE deeply distracted by feet. She uses her feet on your dick to test for a response and notices that you also respond well to getting your dick jerked off while looking at feet. She sits to your side and rubs your dick against her sole until you blow your load. See you for your next appointment!
Dr Murdah Handjob Footjob Therapy

Miss Murdah Late Night Footjob

You've had Miss Murdah's smelly feet in your lap all evening while watching TV and she knows you simply can't take it any more. She rubs your stiff cock through your sweat pants and then has you pull them off so she can tease you and edge you with her wide smelly soles. Lay back and enjoy as she takes control of your dick and uses multiple positions to edge you and bring you to orgasm.
Miss Murdah Late Night Footjob

Miss Murdah Smelly Foot Sole Fuck

You've been watching Miss Murdah's feet for a long time and you always have wondered how they really smell. Now is your chance to find out! She walks in with her worn ballet flats on which make her feet fragrant. She holds her soles up and poses them and you can smell the stench wafting off her feet. Caked with bits of dirt and toe jam, her feet are ready for you to bury your nose in. Doing so inevitably causes your dick to stiffen and she offers up her soles for your pleasure. Applying oil does not stop the smell from rising off her feet and into your nostrils and it will drive you crazy as you thrust in and out of her soles. She flips over and you grab her ankles to jerk your dick off with her feet and her smelly feet cause you to shoot out a huge rope of cum!
Miss Murdah Smelly Foot Sole Fuck

Monday January 23
Tuesday January 24
Kirby Snow First Footjob

Kirby is back! The first time we shot was SUPPOSED to be a footjob but we never got around to it. Now, we make up for lost time. I finally get her wrinkled soles wrapped around my dick properly. They look amazing as she holds them up in front of the camera. Her soles are super wrinkly and my dick goes super stiff for them. After giving a reverse footjob and a frontal footjob, she finishes me laying on her side between her soles.
Kirby Snow First Footjob

Wednesday January 25
Thursday January 26
Friday January 27
Saturday January 28
Wonder Feet Woman Makes You Cum With Her Pussy

It's been awhile since Wonder Feet Woman has had some dick so not long after wrapping her mature feet around your dick, she feels the need to jump your bones. She climbs over to rub that fat dick on her pussy and sit on it a bit. After getting a few pleasurable strokes in, she goes back to teasing you with her lovely arches. Then, to finish you, she straddles you and rubs her clit against your shaft til you cum between her pussy lips.
Wonder Feet Woman Makes You Cum With Her Pussy

Sunday January 29
Monday January 30
Lilly Demona Loves Dick Between Her Feet

I know that her goth appearance makes her look dominant but trust me when I say Lilly is a super subby power bottom. Her little girly cock is practically useless except for flopping around while riding dick or watching it grow as she compares it to a real thick dick which certainly happens in this scene.

She comes in after a day of riding her bike, she peels off her boots to reveal hot and sweaty soles that are begging for attention. She teases with them, offering them up for worship before discovering your hard dick and opting to tease that instead. Her big feet clamp perfectly around a thick shaft. She climbs into your lap so she can feel her small girl dick against yours and she ends up getting rock hard from the sensation.

After getting her fill, she resumes stroking you with her big gorgeous feet. She kneels and gives a reverse footjob before sitting to her side and trapping your dick between her soles. She edges you with slow and deliberate strokes and then her soft soles bring you to a strong orgasm.
Lilly Demona Loves Dick Between Her Feet

Tuesday January 31
Wednesday January 1
Thursday January 2
Friday January 3
Saturday January 4