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Barefoot Mel Blowjob Footjob

Have you been fantasizing about Mel's wide soles? She knows you wanna feel her thick feet wrapped around your shaft. She also wants to taste your hard cock too. Wouldn't you enjoy having her suck you off while giving you a footjob? Not many girls have the flexibility for this but she can pull it off quite well!
Barefoot Mel Blowjob Footjob

Saturday March 2
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Monday March 4
Barefoot Mel Gets Her Wide Soles Fucked

Having seen Mel's thick soles all over social media, I knew I had to have them propped up and ready to be taken advantage of. She was absolutely willing to oblige, too. Her wide wrinkly soles look incredible hanging off the edge of the counter. Her soft skin is definitely gonna make your dick drip and drool as you slide between her feet!
Barefoot Mel Gets Her Wide Soles Fucked

Tuesday March 5
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Diana Delight Sole Fuck And Cum Explosion

Diana stops by and gets an absolutely MASSIVE cumshot all over her feet! I have been drooling over Diana's feet for a long time now. She often makes clips barefoot and I literally can't help but to notice the curve in her arch. She stops by and the sexual tension is so strong that its completely obvious that we both have the hots for each other. After a little small talk, I have her sit to start posing. Her feet are turning me on so much that I can't control my hard-on while I snap pics. We end up getting handsy with each other, kissing and groping. We still have work to do so I pick the camera back up to snap more pics. You can see the precum from her girl dick leaking on her underwear when we resumed! I take a few more shots and before I even pick up my other camera to record, we start kissing and my dick ends up in her mouth. She sucks me good and slow, teasing me to the very edge over and over again. I'm ready to blow my load all on her face but we still haven't started filming the scene. I prop her feet up and start indulging in her soles with so much passion. I can hardly edge to her feet anymore. I grab her ankle and start using her foot to slap against my dick which sends me over the edge. I shoot my biggest cumshot of the entire year with my dick getting clapped between her feet while she screams and laughs in joy about it.
Diana Delight Sole Fuck And Cum Explosion

Saturday March 9
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Monday March 11
Diana Delight Laundry Room Blowjob

Diana loves to worship cock with her mouth. She sees you staring at her while she's bent over doing the laundry. First she puts her feet in your lap so you can get a good view before wrapping her toes around your dick. Then, she swallows you up and edges you with her mouth. Her girl dick gets so hard from sucking on dick too!
Diana Delight Laundry Room Blowjob

Tuesday March 12
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Thursday March 14
Sweetie Toes Sole Fuck

It's been a long while since Sweetie had her feet in front of my camera and its time for a reunion. Her arch wrinkles never cease to amaze me and you'll love seeing them from underneath as she drapes her feet over the edge of the counter. This position perfectly shows off the shape of her curvy foot. Her feet are built to drain cocks and if you're anything like me, you'll be leaking thick precum out long before she has you shooting ropes of cum all over her perfect toes.
Sweetie Toes Sole Fuck

Friday March 15
Saturday March 16
Sunday March 17
Autumn Bodell Rides Dick And Gets Sole Fucked

Autumn really puts on a show here! She's so horny for some stiff dick that she drains it twice! First she sucks on it and then wraps her feet around it. Once its stiff and swollen, she sits on it. Her ass is absolutely made for riding dick and you can tell how much she's loving it by how creamy her pussy gets. She cums on it, it twitches and pulses inside her until she gives it no mercy, I pull out just in time to shoot my load all over her ass cheeks. Its not over. I put it back in side her and she rides it to another orgasm. Then she sucks it back to life, gets some more dick, and I use her soles to finish a second time.
Autumn Bodell Rides Dick And Gets Sole Fucked

Monday March 18
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Wednesday March 20
Kendall Penny Jerks Off On You

Kendall loves watching you get off to her. You lay on the floor underneath her while her feet rest on you. She teases you with them, rubbing them over your dick while your bulge swells. Her dick hardens as she jerks off to you, and she can't resist having her feet around your dick. She loves the power she has over you. The entire time, watch her eyes as she can't take them off your swollen dick while you jerk off to her. She shoves her toes in your mouth while you cum, and then stares at your cummy dick while finishing herself off. She blows a big load all over your face and in your mouth!
Kendall Penny Jerks Off On You

Thursday March 21
Friday March 22
Saturday March 23
Kendall Penny Afternoon Foot And Jerk Sess

Spending the afternoon with Kendall means her feet are in your lap while you relax on the couch. Naturally, one thing leads to another. Feeling your dick get stiff underneath her feet gets her horny and her own cock swells. She takes control of the situation; after teasing you with her feet, she straddles you and jerks her girl dick off and cums on your dick... which causes you to blow your load too.
Kendall Penny Afternoon Foot And Jerk Sess

Sunday March 24
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Tuesday March 26
Muras Soft Asian Soles Get Fucked

So I got introduced to Mura just a few hours after had cum multiple times; my dick had got edged and released by some pussy and I also fucked some feet just after that as well. Once Mura took off her shoes and showed me her soft Korean soles though, I absolutely had to have them. Her toes are flexible even though they are kinda short, and her soft soles are riddled with wrinkles going all over. I grasp them in my hand and my dick stiffens at how plushy soft they are.

I have her sit in a chair while I photograph her gorgeous feet. She did some impact play just the day before and that's why her thighs are bruised but that does not stop me from capturing the beauty of her soles. By the time I bury my face in her soles, my dick has come to life and you'd hardly believe it was already spent. I hold her ankles and clasp her soles around my dick to give her the sole fucking that her feet deserve and she drains me of every last drop of cum I have left.

Muras Soft Asian Soles Get Fucked

Wednesday March 27
Thursday March 28
Friday March 29
Angelicas Little Feet Get Fucked

I know its been awhile since you've seen Angelica's soft wrinkly soles. I have her stop by so you can indulge in the shape and texture of her tiny feet. She hangs them off the edge of the ottoman so you can get a nice view from underneath while her feet get fucked. It will take no time at all for her lil grippers to have your dick drooling buckets of cum.
Angelicas Little Feet Get Fucked

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