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Queen Smelly Feet Returns To Get Her Soles Fucked

Queen smelly feet has been laying low for a few years but she has started popping up on social media again. I never really lost contact with her but I did know that she was taking a bit of a break. I reach out to her and ask how she feels about getting back on camera and she let me know, quite simply, that if I come to her then I can have my way with her feet. So, I pack my bags and head over to Minneapolis to see her.

I keep things simple; with lots of natural light pouring in from the window, she sits on the washer and dryer with her feet hanging off the edge. Her soles are as curvy as they have ever been and she has kept her dexterous toes flexible all these years. I slide my dick between her feet and she clamps it perfectly. Edging myself closer and closer, thick prejac leaks out of my dick as I try hard to hold back. Then, I grab her ankle and use her foot to slap against my dick until my load explodes everywhere.

Queen Smelly Feet Returns To Get Her Soles Fucked

Saturday May 4
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Monday May 6
Lil Cib Gets Her Soles Fucked

Cib shows off her soles, her titties, and her rock hard cock while she gets her soles fucked. She plays with herself while teasing you with her feet, and before I start fucking her soles, I decide to have a little tasted of her girlcock first. Suck the toes, suck the cock, and then fuck her soles until I cum all over them. Would you do it differently?
Lil Cib Gets Her Soles Fucked

Tuesday May 7
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Thursday May 9
Lil Cib Footjob And Frot

Cib sits over you and strokes her dick while her feet rest on yours. Your dick gets harder and harder as you watch her. She takes your dick between her feet and jerks you off while she plays with herself. Then, she straddles you and rubs her hard dick against your own. It feels amazing but she opts to sit back and finish you off with her toes.
Lil Cib Footjob And Frot

Friday May 10
Saturday May 11
Sunday May 12
Morgana Teaches Selene How To Gve A Footjob

Morgana has a friend and she wants me to check out her feet. Selene has never given a footjob and wants to know how nice her feet are. Morgana holds them up and shows them off before having me lay down before them so they can both tease me. Morgana shows her a few tricks and the two take turns jerking my dick until I cum.
Morgana Teaches Selene How To Gve A Footjob

Monday May 13
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Wednesday May 15
Selene Makes Quick Work Of You

Now that she's learned how to give a footjob, Selene is excited to tease you and make you cum with her feet all the time. Imagine just laying back on the couch and having her put her feet in your lap, showing off her soles and distracting you. Imagine that she feels your dick bulging through your shorts and presses her toes into it. She even comes prepared with some coconut oil! Now that she understands how much you love feeling her soft sole pressed against your shaft, she knows how to make quick work of you!
Selene Makes Quick Work Of You

Thursday May 16
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Sunday May 19
Meddle Blooms Gets Her Size 9 Soles Fucked

Meddle does not have an unattractive body part from head to toe. From her hair, to her pretty eyes, sultry lips, her suckable titties, fat ass, gorgeous stiff dick, long legs and soft soles, she oozes sexy from every pore and orifice. She sits atop the kitchen counter and plays with her dick while her soles are in view. I come over and indulge in her feet but once I see her stiff dick standing straight up, I can't help but pay it some attention too. After that I grab her by the ankles and do what I do best: I fuck her soles until I blast my load over them.
Meddle Blooms Gets Her Size 9 Soles Fucked

Monday May 20
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Wednesday May 22
Meddle Blooms Footjob And Frot

Coming 05/22/2024

What turns you on more? Meddles fat ass, hard girl cock, or her luscious soles? I know she's so gorgeous that its hard to focus on any one body part. She strokes her dick for you while rubbing yours with her feet, then she rubs her dick on yours before bouncing her ass on your hard dick. Which of these would make you cum?
Meddle Blooms Footjob And Frot

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