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Hey guys! As I mentioned, I have been updating the VOD section with new videos. During the process, the upload to my server stopped multiple times. At first I didn't notice any issue but it turns out a lot of my videos have been corrupted. I'm hoping to notice these mistakes and fix them as I go along BUT if there's any video that I've missed and you see an issue with the video cutting off early or having any playback problems PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Feel free to make a comment on the video, send me a message here on the website, or email me myfetishonly@gmail.com to point out specifically any issues you see with any of my content and I'll make it a priority to fix it! Thanks!

Hey Joey....the site is GREAT....hey, do u have anymore videos of Erica (Footchick) in your archives, or are you tapped out? Lol thanks Joey
This is a strange place for that question, haha. Send me a Private Message, email me, or DM me on twitter/IG